Insight Meditation Whitefish (IMW) is a meditation community based in Whitefish, Montana. Founded in 2010, IMW offers a weekly meditation group for meditators of all skill levels in downtown Whitefish.

Our weekly meditation group is offered free of charge. Cushions and chairs are available in our meeting location. Donations to support the costs associated with our physical meeting space are welcomed.

Facilitator Bios

Nancy Ellis
Nancy Ellis has been offering community based meditation in Whitefish for several years.  She was first introduced to Buddhism in Portland in the early 1990’s when hearing Sharon Salzberg speak on the practice of Metta, Loving Kindness.  Her many travels to southeast Asia over the past 2 decades, allowed Nancy to immerse herself in the culture and the practices of Dharma in Thailand.  Nancy is a certified Yoga Instructor through Bodhi Yoga International, a Buddhist based yoga training in Spain, focused on meditation, mindfulness and metta.  Nancy has attended vipassana, silent retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Cloud Mountain. She leans towards a simple, non-guided, insight style of practice, resting in silence and stillness.   To learn more about Nancy and her work visit

Michelle Richards
Michelle has been teaching 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Courses in the Valley for over 12 years. She also teaches 4 and 5 week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Series several times a year.  Earlier this year she completed a 2 year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training through the Awareness Training Institute and Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. She offers bi-annual daylong retreats with local yoga teacher, Nancy Ellis.  As well she offers Silent Day-Long Retreats and some specialty classes throughout the year. She is a Certified Life Coach (CPC) and Lisenced Massage Therapist.

Will Urbanski
Will discovered meditation a decade ago as a complement to his yoga practice. Will has been practicing with IMW since 2016 and occasionally guides our weekly meditation. He has attended two residential vipassana retreats at Cloud Mountain in Washington.